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Before we begin serving you and your pets, we need to get some information from you so that we can provide the best experience and the highest quality care possible.

~ New Customers ~

We require all new customers to complete our Canine Cardio Service Form, which is composed of a Service Request form (required), a Dog-Sitting form (required only if requesting dog-sitting/in-home visit services), and a Service Agreement (required).


Click here to download form as PDF, fill it out (either digitally or by hand), and then email the completed form to

~ Returning Customers ~

If you have not already filled out all of the required forms in our Canine Cardio Service form (Service Request form, Service Agreement, and, if applicable, Dog-Sitting form), please follow the instructions for new customers.

If you have already filled out the required forms but wish to make changes, update information, or add a new dog, please either contact Brittany Schneller directly, or fill out a new form to include the new changes and email to us.


Call/text: (757) 774-2026

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